School Lunches Made Easy

When Cole first started preschool at 3 years old, I purchased a normal lunch bag from Target and started by using the plastic Ziploc Containers and baggies for his food. After just a few days of using these things, I became super frustrated. I couldn't seem to pack the lunches that I wanted to pack and I didn't feel like I had enough space or enough containers.  It all felt so unorganized and I couldn't stand the thought of going through that every single day for years to come.

I started doing some research and stumbled across the Planetbox on a blog that I followed at the time. The price was a bit steep but I was confident that it would be worth it because the reviews were AMAZING.  It's important to me to send Cole with a healthy lunch and I wanted that process to be easier, so I invested in the Rover, an ice pack, and a carrying case.

I immediately fell in love with the setup of the Planetbox.  It forced me to think outside the box and it helped me remember to include all of the food groups.  I didn't need separate containers or baggies anymore, and I loved that I could include a small little treat in the center compartment.  I started to share photos of Cole's school lunch on my Facebook page and quickly realized that so many moms HATED the process of packing school lunches.  I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on it, so I decided to share my knowledge and my process and create an ebook that I could easily share.

I have received amazing feedback from this ebook and I really hope that you love it just as much as others have.  Packing healthy school lunches should not be something that you dread every day!  

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