New Coaches



Congratulations on joining us and welcome to the team!  

To be successful, you have to decide that this matters in your life. Will you give it your best shot? You DESERVE to live fit, live happy, make new friends, grow as a person, earn extra income and build a better future. 

  • Set up your first call with your coach so that you can go over the basics, set goals and ask any and all questions you might have at this time! I am pretty sure you are feeling overwhelmed. Am I right?? It's a crazy first few months but trust me, we have all been there and you will get the hang of it soon enough.
  • Make sure you are plugged into a challenge group. If you are not currently enrolled in your coach's challenge group please take this time to text or message your coach to request to join their most current group. This is important so that you know what it feels like to be a participant plus stay accountable in your own health and fitness journey! 
  • Start your training!

As a new coach it can be super overwhelming. What are the things you should do right away to get started with your business?  Watch this video on how to navigate your back office, set up your business and start your first challenge group.

Some of the things covered in this video:

  • Set up websites
  • Direct Deposit
  • Become familiar with the Coach Mobile App
  • Getting started tab in the coach online office> news and training and training tabs
  • How do you connect with your team? {website; FB Group; Team Calls}
  • Complete the Business Quick Start Guide


Get to know these 4 vital behaviors.  They are essential for your success.


  1. INVITE. INVITE. INVITE. Invite as many people as possible. Every day. Invite people to join your Beachbody Challenge® Group. Have the courage to invite everyone you come into contact with. Invite. Then invite more. (you do not have to run your own group the first month, you are welcome to co-host with your coach).
  2. BE PROOF THE PRODUCTS WORK. Use the fitness programs. Use Shakeology. Use the Ultimate Reset. Be a walking Success Story in progress.
  3. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Every day, read, listen to audiobooks, use Success on Demand in the back office. Listen to the weekly Coach Call and Team calls, attend Summit and other training seminars.
  4. CELEBRATE SUCCESS. Celebrate success with your own personal fitness journey, with your customers and your coaches. Shout outs, personal messages and recognition are a big part of what we do and are important to helping others grow confidence to keep doing a great job.

Our core purpose is to help people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life. The more people you help, the more successful you’ll be.


  1. Practice the 4 Vital Behaviors
  2. Understand the Vital Process because this is the progression of a prospective customer to an actual customer and potentially a coach. Read through this and understand the basics.
  3. Always add names to your Contact List, I created a list using a google document where I can just list out the names and emails of people I think would make great customers or coaches. Do that now and add 100 people to that list and share with your coach.
  4. Follow the 5-Step Invitation Process to invite until you have 2 people each week join your Challenge Group. Here is a video on the invitation process.
  5. Use the Beachbody Challenge Guides for your Challenge Groups (found in the online office).
  6. Set goals and track your activity with the Business Activity Tracker (found in Team Evolve file section).
  7. Qualify for Success Club 5 or 10 every month (understand what success club is and how to qualify)

SUCCESS WILL BE DETERMINED BY HOW WELL YOU ALIGN YOUR GOALS AND ACTIVITIES. My biggest measure of success is your ability to hit Success Club in the first month and achieve month 1 of Success Starters.

If you are unsure of what any of this means, make a list of questions to go over with your coach on a personal phone call. 


*This Coach University Document was borrowed from Melanie Mitro!  This is an AMAZING resource for you!